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03 March 2009 @ 10:19 am
First day down and it went well. It was basically just orientation type stuff, first lecture is on Thursday or Friday I think. Missed my babies terribly but thankfully it was just for 2 hours and they coped ok.
Im only studying part time at the moment, doing a certificate in Health studies which is basically a health bridging course, for when I eventually study midwifery (when kids are older and we can afford for Pierre to only be part time) should be fun, and hopefully my work load isnt too full on, aprox 25 hours a week study and contact time.

In other news Aston turns 2 on Friday and Amalia is 5 next month. Have decided (much to her fathers disgust) that I am homeschooling her, at least for the first school year and then will re-evaluate when the time comes to legally enrol her or apply for her exemption.
Davien is great, though we are having issues with allergie with him too :(
My sisters baby is due the end of this month, its gone waaaay too fast....