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06 March 2009 @ 12:55 am
2 Years ago today  
Aston was pulled into this world, in about an hour and some change.

Wondered why I was feeling so down and grumpy and sad and just blah.... Hopefully a good nights sleep will help, but im not feeling very well right now :(
Have two lectures to go to tmrw so need to get my head together.

Last year I was ok, this year not so much. Amalias first birthday was nasty, I was vomitting and had the runs the night leading up to her birthday and felt ick for the morning (though I didnt put two and two together till a few months later) so im thankful I am not experiencing such a nasty reaction this time...

But I am so disorganised and busy this week that I havent organised anything for his birthday, he got his present today already... hoping I can get myself together enough to do something next Sunday.

Feeling like an arse mum right now :? I am sure one day I will be healed enough to be happy about this date and the next 2 weeks following, but im not doing so well right now... Thought I was fine and ok but apparently not. Ive ruined such an amazing little person, and I so hate myself for it :? :(
Natalienznats on September 15th, 2009 01:15 pm (UTC)
Wow I never got notified of this comment :S Yes it probably was me lol my SIL lives in Palmy and the kids and I stayed there for a few days on our way home from wellington.
You should have said hi :D I was probably in a world of my own, im sorry!